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Tuition and Fees


Student Type Cost
New Hampshire Resident $215.00 / credit
New England Regional Student (CT, MA, ME, RI, VT) $323.00 / credit
Out of State $490.00 / credit

NERSP Policy: All matriculated New England students will be charged the New England Regional Student tuition rate for day courses. Students living within a 50 mile radius of MCC will be charged in-state tuition rates for day courses. Out-of-state students will pay out-of-state rates for day courses. ALL students will be charged in-state tuition rates for evening, weekend, and online courses.

FEES (Required)

Item Cost
Academic Instruction Fee $110.00 / lab hour
Comprehensive Fee $20.00 / credit


Item Cost
Challenge Exam Fee $25.00 / credit
CLEP Exam $25.00
Fine Arts Modeling Fee $20.00
HVAC Materials Fee $100.00 / select courses
ID Replacement $10.00
Liability Insurance $20.00
Library Fine Replacement charge
Life Experience Credit 50% Tuition
NSNA Membership (Optional) $25.00 / year
Nursing ATI Comprehensive Live NCLEX Review $365.00 / year
Nursing ATI Entrance Exam $90.00
Nursing ATI Standardized Testing Fee $245.00 / semester
Nursing Clinical Surcharge $500.00 / semester
Nursing I-IV Testing Fee Up to $280.00 / course
Nursing Pinning Fee $20.00
Nursing Tuition Deposit $100.00
MCC SNA Membership $25.00 / year
Parking Fine $5.00 - 25.00
Payment Plan Service Fee $30.00 / semester
Plato Praxis Tutorial $100.00
Plato Preparation $100.00
Proctor Exam (Non MCC students) $50.00 / exam
Returned Check Fee $35.00 or 5% check's face value plus any banks fees
Welding Materials Fee $100.00 / select courses


Item Cost
Texts and Writing Materials $800.00 / semester
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Tools $1,500.00
Automotive Tools and Supplies $2,500 - $4,000
Graphic Design - Color Theory Course Supplies $20.00
HVAC Tools and Supplies $1,800.00
Nursing Lab Kit $130.00
Nursing Uniforms and Supplies $350.00
Phlebotomy Supply Kit $20.00
Welding Tools and Supplies $300.00

* The tuition rate and all fees are subject to the approval of the CCSNH Board of Trustees and are subject to change without notice.